Yuki Nakase Link is a Japanese, former dancer, and lighting designer for performing arts and fashion productions.


Photo by Sara Troficanto

Yuki was born in Tokyo, grew up in Kyoto, Japan and currently lives north of New York City in the woods. 

While she was working as a dancer in Japan, she felt lighting was always like magic.  Her body felt totally different once she had lighting for a rehearsal.  Lighting can change her visually, physically and emotionally.  She wanted to explore why.

Since she became intrigued by the environment of light, her interest in lighting design has grown.  Her career as a lighting designer started with Nippon Television Network Corporation in Tokyo twenty years ago.  After moving her base to New York, with the diversity of culture, new friends from all over the world and being away from her home country polished her eye and allowed her to concentrate on lighting design.  Mainly for performing arts.  She also brought her skills and knowledge of lighting design for the camera and applied them to her new US work in fashion production lighting design.

Yuki has a B.A. degree in Dance from Japan Women’s College of Physical Education in Tokyo, and a M.F.A. degree in Design for Stage and Film from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in New York City.

NY Essay is her monthly column in the Journal of Japan Association of Lighting Engineers & Designers (in Japanese).